Land's End SI Tote Bag
District ® Flannel Plaid Pajamas
SI Window Decal
Father Sauer Academy
*OPTIONAL* Field Hockey Goggles
*VARSITIY-OPTIONAL* Football Nike S/S Legend (Black)
*REQUIRED* Baseball Practice Jersey (Royal)
The Prep Shop Gift Card (ONLINE ONLY)
Nike Heritage 86 Cap
*REQUIRED* Baseball Practice Jersey (Royal)
Disposable SI Face Masks - Pack of 10
*REQUIRED* Men's JV/FROSH Basketball Practice Jersey
boys basketball sportspack
*REQUIRED* Varsity Men's Basketball Practice Jersey
Men's Crew
*REQUIRED* Men's Cross Country Singlet
Men's Golf
*REQUIRED* Men's Lacrosse Cascade Helmet
*OPTIONAL* Men's Soccer Team Hoodie (Royal)
*OPTIONAL* Men's Varsity Soccer L/S Legend (Black)
Men's Tennis
*REQUIRED* Men's Track & Field Singlet (White)
St. Ignatius Est. 1855 Hoodie
Nike Core L/S Cotton Crew
Wildcat Paw Print Tee
*REQUIRED* Baseball Practice Jersey (Royal)
*REQUIRED* Women's JV/Frosh Women's Basketball Jersey
*REQUIRED* Women's Varsity Basketball Practice Jersey
*REQUIRED* Women's Crew Boathouse Unisuit
*REQUIRED* Women's Cross Country Singlet
*REQUIRED* Women's Golf Team Polo (White)
*REQUIRED* Women's Lacrosse Reversible Pinnie (Royal/White)
*OPTIONAL* Women's Soccer Team Hoodie (Red)
*OPTIONAL* Women's Soccer Team Hoodie (Red)
*OPTIONAL* Varsity Women's Soccer Hoodie (Grey)
*OPTIONAL* Women's Tennis Team Hoodie
*REQUIRED* Women's Track & Field Singlet (White)
*OPTIONAL* Women's Volleyball Hoodie